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13th October Update


This update is intended to summarise our understanding about hiring the Village Hall under the current Covid-19 guidance and regulation and replaces previous updates. We regularly check a number of sources in order to try to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for Hall users:

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Local Covid alert level

Ryedale is currently categorised as “Medium” under the government’s three tier local Covid alert level. Our understanding is that this does not impose any additional restrictions on activities that can take place in the Hall. If this level is raised, then additional restrictions may apply.



Please ensure that neither you or anyone from your household enters the Hall during a period when required to self-isolate.


Hand washing and sanitising

Anyone using the Hall is asked to use sanitiser or wash your hands when entering and leaving the building and at any other time after touching a surface that could be contaminated. There are hands-free sanitisers just inside the entrance and exit. They are battery operated and consume batteries quite quickly, so please let the organiser of your activity know if they are not working.


Maintaining social distance

It is imperative to maintain two metres distance from other people (from outside of your household), whenever this is possible. If at any point you cannot avoid being closer than two metres to someone else, move away to a safer distance as quickly as possible.


Wearing a mask

Generally you must wear a mask inside the Hall.  But there are some exemptions.

Some people are exempt from wearing a mask for health or other reasons. Someone who is exempt is not required to give the reason

Government rules also allow you to remove your mask when actively involved in certain specific activities.  (if unsure please enquire).


“Rule of six”

The application of the “rule of six” to Community Centres and Village Halls is complex. Put simply, some activities are not allowed to take place, some may only have six participants (or six groups of participants, where each group is formed of people from the same household) and some may have more than six participants or groups of participants. Please contact us if you are unsure what applies to your activity.


Test and Trace

In compliance with the legislation we require that all hirers request and keep a record of contact details from at least one member of every household undertaking their activity. If you are asked for your contact details you are urged to co-operate, however you are not compelled to do so.

The QR code for the Hall is prominently displayed I the entrance hall and foyer. If you have the NHS App on your phone you can log your presence in the Hall by scanning this code. For more information:


Click on the button below to see or download the Hall's Risk Assessment

Sheriff Hutton Tennis Club

The courts are open and following the easing of lockdown restrictions all members are able to play singles and doubles with any other member.  The online booking system is working well and the courts are proving a popular place for exercise by adults and juniors.


Ryedale's venue for all reasons

Welcome to Sheriff Hutton Village Hall, which was purpose-built in 1984 to serve our thriving and lively community.  Since its opening day, the Hall has been continuously maintained to a very high standard.  The Hall is located within the attractive village of Sheriff Hutton and has a range of rooms that make it truly multifunctional.  Adjacent is a children's Play Area and off-street car parking.


WiFi access is now available to those hiring the Hall.

To contact the Village Hall, e-mail is the preferred method



Telephone:    07894 734 446

For more information on facilities and hire charges, click on menu items  (panel on left or "hamburger" icon on phone)

Sheriff Hutton Village Hall is a charitable incorporated organisation (No. 1169225).  The business ethos of the Trustees is that hiring fees should cover all routine running and maintenance costs.  Fundraising is reserved for exceptional purchases and capital developments.

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